Grey K.Capobianco-West

Owner/ Artist /Screen Printer, Non-Binary Trans (He/Him)

"Through my work I hope to allow folks to foster connection and visibility where they may not have it."

Grey has always been artistic, giving, and loving. With an educational background in Visual and Digital Arts as well as Graphic Design studies he found that marrying passion, community, and philanthropy was a natural course of action. Finding his gender identity was and still is a journey. No one should have to travel this road alone. His work focuses on raw emotion and vulnerability. Mental Health, connection and forgiveness are common themes you will find amongst his work. Creating is my outlet to battle my depression and anxiety. It's a release- to process, to connect, to silence the inner critic. Creating is the way I can allow light into the darkest parts and see the good that can exist in the world.

All designs are illustrated, printed dyed* by Grey in house. All artwork is original, unless labeled as a print.  



Holly West


Content Editor/Amazing Aunt/Queer 

Holly has supported Trash Prince since its inception. With an educational background in Marketing and Journalism Holly ensures all aspects of Trash Prince are on message and reflect the values Trash Prince stands for and behind. Holly has an ‘in’ with the brand founder, as such wears custom children-sized Trash Prince apparel  - because you don’t have to be adult-sized in order to look great and show pride! Holly is always striving to do good, be good, and feel good and as a contributing member of the Trash Prince team it’s pretty easy to put that into practice. 


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